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Kitman Labs Unveils 'The Football Intelligence Platform' for Premier League Youth Academies

Leading sports technology and analytics company, Kitman Labs, has revealed an exciting new collaboration with the Premier League, aimed at redefining the way elite sports organisations utilise data.

Under this partnership, all Premier League club academies will gain access to a centralised and fully integrated 'Football Intelligence Platform.' This innovative platform is designed to consolidate and mobilise player and staff data across various areas, including coaching, medical, sports science, operations, player care, and education.

The platform's primary goal is to centralise data for academy players, providing both participants and coaching staff with a comprehensive, unified, and real-time view of player profiles, encompassing medical information, performance data, training records, and development progress.

What sets this platform apart is its capacity to deliver data accuracy and enable advanced analytics at different levels, whether it be at the league, club, or player level. Academy staff will utilise the platform to manage player pathways, benchmark performance, create personalised development plans, and access a wealth of tools, reporting, insights, and actionable data to achieve specific operational and performance objectives.

The Premier League's Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) aspires not only to bolster the pipeline of homegrown talent for professional football but also to provide enriching experiences for all academy players, nurturing their potential both on and off the pitch. The Football Intelligence Platform will also enable clubs to monitor and support players' progress in social, educational, and cognitive development while serving as a comprehensive record for each player's journey.

To ensure accessibility to this wealth of data, the platform will be accompanied by a dedicated staff and a player app available on both iOS and Android devices, offering instant access to player data on the field, in the training room, and on the go.

Stephen Smith, Founder & CEO of Kitman Labs, emphasized the importance of consistent, accurate, and organization-wide data, stating, "The Football Intelligence Platform has been developed to aggregate and leverage all data sources in a single platform to ultimately drive collaboration across the organisation(s), eliminate information silos, and provide actionable intelligence."

Tony Scholes, Chief Football Officer at the Premier League, noted, "Innovation and insights are key elements of this work, to ensure we are informed and evidence-led in our decision making," as he underscored the significance of data in elite player development and personal growth across all club academies.

Kitman Labs has a track record of working with top governing bodies, leagues, teams, and athletes in various sports, including soccer, basketball, rugby, and American football. The company's technology has been adopted by some of the world's most elite sports organisations and universities, such as the NFL, NBA, MLS, NWSL, and NCAA.

This partnership with the Premier League comes as part of Kitman Labs' strategic expansion, following successful acquisitions of The Sports Office (TSO) and Presagia Sports in recent years. These combined entities now form the industry's largest network of elite and youth organisations, boasting over 1,000 partnerships and creating the most extensive dataset of talent, performance, and medical data across all stages of an athlete's journey.


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