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Sport Executives Foresee Automation Impacting Production

A recent survey conducted by Altman Solon, polling 150 global sport executives, has unveiled significant insights into the evolving landscape of sports media production. According to the Altman Solon 2023 Global Sports Survey, a staggering 79% of respondents anticipate that automated content production will wield a substantial impact on their businesses in the coming year.

Furthermore, the survey highlights the growing influence of remote production technology, with 61% of executives acknowledging its potential to reshape the sector. Additionally, 74% of respondents believe that content localisation will usher in meaningful changes, reflecting a shift towards catering to diverse audience preferences.

In a nod to emerging trends, 52% of surveyed executives anticipate the impact of content augmentation, encompassing elements such as gamification, statistical analysis, and augmented/virtual reality experiences, on sports media.

However, amidst the buzz surrounding technological advancements, the survey also reveals a notable decline in confidence towards "Web3.0" technologies, with only 26% of respondents expressing optimism about their transformative potential in the sports media landscape.

Commenting on these findings, Altman Solon director Matt Del Percio emphasised the accelerating pace of innovation within sports media. Del Percio noted, "Sports media innovation cycles are accelerating. The media value chain is being disrupted by tech-driven top-down technology and user-driven, bottom-up consumption trends, and sports executives are aware of the huge business potential."

Del Percio further emphasised the importance of strategic investment in innovation, urging rights holders and sports media groups to develop well-defined innovation roadmaps targeting areas with long-term growth potential. He highlighted the significance of product testing and the identification of interdependencies between different innovation areas as crucial steps for successfully navigating the evolving landscape of sports media.

As the industry continues to embrace technological advancements, the survey findings underscore the imperative for proactive adaptation and strategic planning to capitalise on emerging opportunities in sports media production.


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