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AR Tech Allows MLB Fans to Experience Games in Their Own Hands

AR technology is quietly revolutionizing the way fans engage with sporting events, offering immersive experiences that may change the way brands connect with fans. ARound has developed the world's first stadium-scale shared augmented reality platform that allows users to interact with both the physical world and digital content simultaneously through their phones.

Sports teams, such as Major League Baseball, have struggled to engage younger fans who are distracted by their phones and have shorter attention spans. In response, ARound's technology has been implemented by professional teams, including the Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Rams, and Minnesota Twins, to offer more immersive experiences to fans.

Fans can access the Royals' "Crown Vision AR" by downloading the app, which features real-time integration with game action, including immersive graphics that provide context to on-field action and fireworks after home runs. It also offers a fire-breathing dragon that fans can control, mass gaming experiences, and in-venue broadcasting through the stadium's videoboard. Soon, it will also provide live 3D stats and play-by-play graphics for a broadcast-level experience.

ARound's platform is built by pre-scanning the stadium to create a 3D virtual representation, allowing users to experience augmented reality content overlaid on top of the physical space. By using a hyper low latency data protocol, interactions and experiences can happen without noticeable delay, creating a seamless experience. With ARound, fans can enter the virtual world from their seat and interact with the live game - and other fans - from their unique vantage point.

Tony Snethen, Royals vice president of brand innovation, believes that technology is the answer to engage younger fans and provide new experiences to enhance the game. As AR technology continues to grow and expand, it may become the key to revolutionizing the fan experience in sports and beyond.


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