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The future of sport is being shaped by technology and the industry is witnessing new innovation every day. The Sports Playmaker has specially been designed to support startups who have developed cutting-edge, market-ready products for the sports sector.


Expand your sales & market share in the sports industry

We work with technology companies that want to build market share and grow revenue in the sports sector. We provide low risk, high return services to expand your distribution power without large scale investments

Sports Tech


Market entry planning & sales strategy creation, backed by our unique insight & knowledge

The Sports Playmaker’s advisory team helps clients create pathways to achieving business goals. In-depth sports sector insight, competitive landscape assessment, customer identification through market research, our leading consultants and analysts guide tech companies through their business planning, enabling them to make better informed and effective decisions


Identifying investment opportunities to accelerate your business

We work with early stage and emerging tech companies that have high growth potential to support them to scale through investment. We are connected to successful incubators, seed accelerators, angel investors, private equity financiers and a strong network of sports industry leaders which could accelerate your business.

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