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Ares Management Invests $75 Million in Inter Miami

Major League Soccer's (MLS) Inter Miami has solidified its financial footing by securing a substantial $75 million investment from Ares Management, marking a significant milestone in the club's growth trajectory.

This marks Ares Management's second investment in Inter Miami, with the first occurring prior to the high-profile signing of Argentine soccer legend Lionel Messi. The infusion of funds is poised to fuel a range of expansion initiatives for the club, including the development of its upcoming home stadium.

While the exact framework of the preferred equity stake remains undisclosed, reports suggests that Ares Management's involvement could take the form of a fixed rate of return, an income-sharing arrangement, or potential options for conversion to common equity. Such flexible structuring underscores the dynamism of this strategic partnership.

Jorge Mas, Managing Owner of Inter Miami, acknowledged the significance of Ares Management's continuous collaboration, stating, "Ares has been an important collaborator over the last two years in helping to accelerate the growth of Inter Miami. This latest investment comes at an inflection point for the club with the planned development of our new stadium and the joining of Lionel Messi, among other key initiatives."

Ares Management initially entered the scene with a substantial $150 million investment in September 2021, marking a groundbreaking milestone as the first private equity infusion into an MLS franchise. The company's expanding involvement in soccer also extends beyond MLS, having played a significant role in the financing of John Textor's takeover of Olympique Lyonnais.

Speculation has also surfaced about Ares Management's potential interest in English soccer giants Chelsea. Recent reports suggest that Chelsea's ownership has engaged in discussions with Ares Management and other prospective investors to secure additional funds, possibly through preferred equity financing or other innovative debt instruments.

Bloomberg's recent revelation about Chelsea's aspiration to raise up to $500 million in fresh investment further underscores the intensified focus on fortifying soccer clubs' financial foundations in an era of evolving market dynamics. As Inter Miami and Ares Management continue to chart a transformative course, the broader soccer landscape bears witness to new models of financial engagement that could reshape the sport's economic landscape.


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