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Genius Sports Partners with Snapchat to Deliver Real-Time NFL Data via AR Lenses

In a groundbreaking move, Genius Sports, the esteemed data and technology company, is set to usher real-time NFL data into the realm of augmented reality (AR) Lenses on Snapchat. This transformative development will be initiated in collaboration with Verizon, with the telecommunications giant debuting the first sponsored Lens featuring Genius Sports' cutting-edge technology. While initially accessible to select Lens partners, this integration signals a significant leap forward in bringing immersive NFL experiences to fans.

Genius Sports stands as the exclusive distributor of NFL data and Next Gen Stats feeds for the global media and betting markets. As Matt Ryter, Vice President of Sales, Media, and Fan Engagement at Genius Sports, aptly noted, "Snapchat’s Lens technology is leading the AR revolution across U.S. sports, giving fans new and exciting platforms to put themselves at the centre of the live experience."

The grand unveiling of Verizon's NFL Lens is slated for September 17, coinciding with the Los Angeles Rams-San Francisco 49ers game at the illustrious SoFi Stadium. This Lens represents a pivotal component of Verizon and Snap's ongoing 5G innovation partnership, aiming to provide sports enthusiasts with unparalleled experiences.

Kris Soumas, Director of Platforms and Partnerships for Verizon Consumer Group, lauded the fusion of augmented reality and 5G, declaring, "The new Snapchat Lens at SoFi is yet another illustration of the amazing experiences offered by the combination of augmented reality and 5G. With this cutting-edge technology, we’re able to offer fans experiences they’ve never had before."

Exclusive to Verizon 5G customers, the AR Lens promises to transport fans into an augmented reality playground. Users will have the opportunity to virtually try on merchandise, explore a dynamic 3D map of SoFi Stadium, and access real-time game statistics, all through the lens of their smartphones.

Anmol Malhotra, Head of Sports Partnerships at Snap, reinforced the significance of this collaboration, stating, "Snapchat is the best place to showcase your fandom and keep up with all the action on game day. With over 250 million Snapchatters engaging with AR on our platform every day, we’re thrilled for Genius Sports to bring real-time data to our Lenses to make them even more immersive."

Genius Sports' technological prowess extends its reach to more than 150 countries globally, with over 400 sports organisations, including prestigious names such as the NFL, NCAA, and NASCAR, benefiting from its innovative solutions. This venture with Snapchat signifies another milestone in the company's mission to enhance the sports fan experience through cutting-edge technology.


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