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Gtech Community Stadium Set to Debut AI-Enhanced Augmented In-Game Highlights

Brentford FC is set to elevate the matchday experience for fans attending this weekend's fixture against Sheffield United and beyond, as the club announces a groundbreaking partnership with Genius Sports to introduce data-driven highlights.

In a Premier League first, fans at the Gtech Community Stadium will witness in-game replays enriched with augmented highlights featuring shot speeds, shot trails, player names, and pitch maps. Notably, Gtech's logo will be seamlessly integrated into these augmented clips, offering the company a fresh advertising avenue with prime placements above the goals.

These innovative highlights, complete with advanced metrics, will also be shared across social media platforms post-match, powered by Gtech, Brentford FC's stadium naming rights partner since July 2022.

As the official tracking data and analytics partner of the Premier League, Genius Sports' Dragon technology captures a staggering 10,000 surface mesh data points per player, over 200 times per second, during every Brentford game. By leveraging computer vision technology, Dragon combines this rich tracking data with broadcast video in real-time, providing fans with invaluable context to every play.

Steve Watts, marketing services director at Brentford FC, emphasised the club's commitment to enhancing the fan experience, stating, "Everything we do at Brentford is through a fan-first perspective. While we rate highly for matchday experience, we are always looking at ways we can improve and add something a little different when attending a game at the Gtech. As a club that owes much to a data-driven approach, we wanted to meet the appetite for fans who are also extremely interested in this aspect of the game."

Genius Sports' expertise in powering data-driven alternate broadcasts extends across multiple sports leagues, including partnerships with Premier League Productions, CBS, Prime Video, and ESPN for the Premier League, NFL, and NBA.


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