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NHL Makes History by Digitally Recreating Entire 2024 All-Star Game in Roblox

The National Hockey League (NHL) has shattered the traditional boundaries of sports entertainment by rendering an entire game in 3D on the popular Roblox platform.

The trio of thrilling three-on-three matchups from the 2024 NHL All-Star Game has been meticulously recreated digitally, utilising data captured by the league's cutting-edge puck and player tracking (PPT) systems. Visualised by Sony Sports' immersive content specialist, Beyond Sports, fans can now relive the excitement of the contest from various angles within the NHL's 'NHL Blast' digital environment.

This innovative initiative allows fans to immerse themselves in the game like never before. Avatars can navigate around the digital players on the ice, providing a unique and interactive experience. While the NHL has previously recreated individual goals from the 2023 Stanley Cup Final, this marks the first time an entire game has been recreated digitally.

The NHL, alongside its digital partner, The Gang, introduced NHL Blast in early 2023 with the aim of engaging younger fans and offering novel experiences. Featuring interactive games, quizzes, and socialisation options, NHL Blast has been a hub for digital activations around major events such as the NHL Global Series and NHL Winter Classic.

The latest enhancement to NHL Blast introduces a team-based trivia challenge. Fans representing various franchises can compete in weekly matchups, answering ice hockey-themed questions to score points for their team.

David Lehanski, NHL Executive Vice President of Business Development and Innovation, emphasised the league's commitment to reaching younger audiences: "Continuing to activate on Roblox is a crucial aspect of the NHL's strategy of meeting Gen Z and Gen Alpha on the platforms where they are spending the most time, while continuously educating them about all the exciting elements of the League."

Nicolaas Westerhof, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Beyond Sports, hailed the collaboration as a milestone in fan engagement and technological advancement: "In a world first, we're integrating full NHL game tracking data into the Roblox platform, offering fans the opportunity to immerse themselves like never before. The collaboration with the NHL and The Gang has been pivotal, and we are proud of this ever-growing partnership that continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of sports entertainment technology."

The digital recreation of the 2024 NHL All-Star Game marks a historic moment in sports entertainment, showcasing the NHL's innovative approach to engaging fans and delivering unparalleled experiences in the digital age.


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