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NHL Unveils Metaverse Experience on Roblox for Fans

The National Hockey League (NHL) has announced the launch of NHL Blast on Roblox, an immersive platform that connects millions of people worldwide. NHL Blast aims to be a central hub for the global hockey community to connect around their love for the sport and draw in new fans with ongoing content updates.

NHL Blast allows teams of five to compete in obstacle-filled environments, with users able to personalize their avatars by wearing any NHL club jersey and customizing goalie masks. The experience also includes a selfie station and the ability to check real-time NHL game scores on a jumbotron.

The experience is built by leading metaverse development studio The Gang, and introduces innovative puck-shooting mechanics that mimic the movements of actual NHL players.

NHL Blast will sync with marquee NHL events, starting with three-dimensional goal re-creations created from NHL EDGE data (puck and player tracking) that will be featured during the 2023 Stanley Cup Final.

Roblox's mission is to connect billions of users with civility and optimism and support a safe and diverse community, one that inspires and fosters creativity and positive relationships among people around the world.

The NHL Blast experience is available on computers and mobile devices, enabling users across generations and geographies to connect and compete with each other in the world of NHL hockey.


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