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PGA of America Partners with T-Mobile as 5G Wireless Innovation Collaborator

Under the agreement, the PGA of America is set to leverage T-Mobile’s 5G advanced network solutions to establish a 5G hybrid network at its new headquarters in Frisco, Texas. This move is aimed at transforming fan experiences during prestigious events like the PGA Championship and the Women’s PGA Championship. The PGA of America Coaching Center is also slated to integrate 5G-connected technologies, enhancing tools for both coaches and players.

A focal point of this collaboration is the development of a broadcasting and content innovation hub at the PGA of America’s headquarters, where 5G-enhanced innovations will play a pivotal role. The objective is to explore how wireless technology can democratise access to the sport, fostering engagement among players, coaches, and fans. Moreover, the partnership seeks to optimise data capture, elevating player performance analysis while concurrently streamlining costs and saving time for the PGA of America.

Seth Waugh, CEO of the PGA of America, expressed his admiration for T-Mobile's innovation and passion, stating, “I am so excited by the promise of what T-Mobile can deliver to our members and our shared vision to drive the game forward for current and future generations of players.”

Looking ahead, the collaboration aims to bring tangible benefits to fans attending the PGA Championship and Women’s PGA Championship in the coming year.

Expectations include enriched broadcasts and data insights, courtesy of the integration of T-Mobile’s cutting-edge 5G technologies. This strategic partnership reflects a commitment to advancing the sport of golf through innovative wireless solutions.


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