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Technology Bridging the Gap for a New Generation of Sports Fans

Almost half of 18-24 year-olds feel that traditional sports fandom is inaccessible to them. Many young people believe they need to be passionately invested in one particular sport, athlete, or team to be considered a true 'fan,' while another third feel pressured to either be a 'die-hard' sports fan or not get involved at all.

New research conducted by Snapchat highlights a growing connection between sports and popular culture, with online communities and fashion trends helping young people become part of sports communities. Emerging fashion trends like “Bloke-core” and “Blokette,” featured prominently in SS24 fashion shows, are making Gen Z feel more immersed in the sports world.

The research found that two-thirds (65%) of young people say their interest in sports has grown over the past year. Additionally, 37% seek opportunities to connect with like-minded sports fans online, and almost a quarter (22%) report that this online connectivity has increased their interest in sports.

A third (36%) attribute their increased interest in sports to sportswear-inspired fashion, and half (51%) say wearing sport-inspired fashion helps them feel more connected to sports, reducing the pressure to be a 'die-hard' fan. Over a third (38%) believe fashion plays a key role in how they express themselves as sports fans.

Bespoke streetwear designer, clothsurgeon, has teamed up with Snapchat to create a limited-edition bomber jacket that celebrates British sports fandom in 2024. More than half of young people say platforms like Snapchat help them feel part of a community where they can celebrate sports in a relaxed way.

The bomber jacket will be available from clothsurgeon’s Savile Row store for £300, with 100% of proceeds going to Youth Sport Trust, a leading UK grassroots sport charity. For those unable to get a physical piece, the jacket can be tried on virtually using Snapchat’s immersive augmented reality technology through the bespoke Snapchat x clothsurgeon AR lens.


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