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U.S. Soccer Tycoon Debuts on Roblox with FIFA World 2.0

U.S. Soccer has announced the launch of U.S. Soccer Tycoon on Roblox, providing a virtual environment that fosters a year-round engaging connection for fans in the United States and around the world. U.S. Soccer Tycoon is part of FIFA World 2.0, a significant update to FIFA’s groundbreaking environment, which was launched ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™. The German Football Association joins U.S. Soccer as the first two Member Associations to form part of the revitalised FIFA World.

“U.S. Soccer Tycoon reflects the Federation’s strategy to delve deeper into emerging technologies to reach new fans and experiment for the future, especially as we look ahead to 2026,” said U.S. Soccer Vice President of Business Ventures, Ross Moses. “The collaboration with Roblox and FIFA provides an opportunity to introduce young fans to football and our National Teams in an engaging and sustainable model that harnesses the global football ecosystem.”

U.S. Soccer Tycoon will feature Roblox’s Tycoon Gameplay, where players must grow their assets through a compelling game loop to upgrade teams and stadiums, and progress through the game. Players will be able to access U.S. Soccer Tycoon via a portal from FIFA World 2.0.

Featuring an urban, modern setting, U.S. Soccer Tycoon will promote inclusivity for all players and create a sense of community. The environment will eventually feature landmarks from the 11 cities which will host FIFA World Cup matches in 2026, as well as visuals of the new Arthur M. Blank U.S. Soccer National Training Center.

"The way that younger audiences engage with sports is drastically changing. More than ever, fans are being introduced to their favourite teams and players through gaming," said U.S. Soccer Product Manager Nicole Kusi. "Roblox is a great gaming platform to connect with this audience because it encourages community, creativity, and most importantly, it’s fun for users."

Through the platform, U.S. Soccer’s ‘Insiders’ Loyalty Programme will also allow young U.S. Soccer fans to proudly display their fandom and show off their football spirit in real life. Roblox counts over 77 million users worldwide, with 15.7 million daily active users in the U.S. and Canada. Meanwhile, FIFA World 1.0 earned three Webby Awards and was the most visited sports experience in Roblox history with over 21 million visits.


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