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YouTube's 'Dude Perfect' Joins JJ Watt in Burnley Investment Group

Burnley FC has become the latest recipient of star-studded investment as the famed personalities behind the YouTube sensation 'Dude Perfect' announce their participation in the Premier League side. Comprising Garrett Hilbert, Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, and Coby and Cory Cotton, the 'Dude Perfect' group has amassed a substantial online following since launching their YouTube channel in 2009.

This addition to Burnley's investor roster comes hot on the heels of the announcement that the viral ensemble will be prominently featured as sponsors for the club's junior retail shirts and academy teams in the upcoming season, providing the Lancashire club an avenue to captivate an entirely new audience.

Notably, the YouTube quintet's partnership with Burnley marks a pioneering moment in Premier League history, as they become the league's first investors of their kind. The dynamic investment landscape of Burnley is already anchored by Velocity Sports Partners (VSP), the sports investment arm of US management company ALK Capital, which secured a majority stake in the club back in 2020 at a valuation of around £200 million ($250 million). The remaining shares of the club are held by several minority investors.

In a collective statement released through Burnley's official club website, the 'Dude Perfect' investors expressed their enthusiasm for deepening their engagement with the football realm. They conveyed, "We've been fans of the Premier League for some time, so we’re excited to formalise the relationship with Burnley and hopefully help to introduce a bunch of younger fans to the club. What Vincent and the guys achieved last year was incredible and it’s a really exciting time to be a Burnley fan.

We also spoke to JJ multiple times and his passion and ideas for how we can help grow the club and create Burnley fans for life really excited us - we’re planning to be in town for the Manchester City game this month and we can’t wait to meet everyone."

The entrance of 'Dude Perfect' into Burnley's realm of investors signals an era of expansion and innovation, hinting at an intriguing trajectory for both the football club and the renowned content creators. As Burnley FC continues its journey in the Premier League, the alignment with such charismatic and influential figures promises an exciting chapter for both the club and its newfound supporters.


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