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BMW Unveils Cutting-Edge Glass Video Sports Floor

Image by BMW

In a significant development for basketball enthusiasts, the FC Bayern Munich Basketball team is poised to take on Mitteldeutscher BC in the upcoming season opener of the Basketball Bundesliga tonight.

The event promises to mark a new chapter in indoor sporting experiences, thanks to the collaboration with BMW Munich, the official mobility partner of FC Bayern Munich Basketball. Together, they will introduce an innovative sports floor, a world-first for both the reigning cup holders and the Basketball Bundesliga: a high-tech glass video sports floor.

The ASB GlassFloor is designed to introduce new dimensions to the game of basketball. For the very first time in league history, a professional basketball match will be played on a glass surface capable of showcasing eye-catching animations and graphics spanning the entire court. Beyond the visual spectacle, the floor can also seamlessly display real-time data, including player and ball tracking systems, enhancing the spectator experience.

Earlier this week, a demonstration of the ASB GlassFloor took place at BMW Park, offering a glimpse of its potential in transforming indoor sports entertainment. Media outlets and enthusiasts can access a collection of images showcasing this innovation, provided by BMW Group for editorial use.

BMW's involvement in this project underlines its commitment to innovation and technological advancement. As FC Bayern Munich Basketball and Mitteldeutscher BC prepare to face off on this unique stage, fans and sports enthusiasts can anticipate an unforgettable opening match that combines technology with the excitement of basketball.


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