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SailGP to Extend LiveLineFX Technology to Other Sports Organisations

SailGP has made a groundbreaking announcement, revealing plans to extend its acclaimed production technology, LiveLineFX, to other sports organisations. Initially devised to provide audiences with an intricate understanding of the complexities of yacht racing, LiveLineFX has now garnered recognition for its adaptability to a wide array of outdoor and stadium sports.

At its core, LiveLineFX seamlessly integrates real-time data visualisations, including weather conditions and performance metrics, into a captivating, multi-platform viewing experience. Additionally, it boasts an advanced remote umpiring system and offers potential for enriched storytelling. Controlled remotely by SailGP's London-based team, the system harnesses data from 125 sensors on each F50 catamaran, delivering tailored data solutions for various sports.

This progressive step follows accolades for the LiveLine technology, which played a pivotal role in establishing SailGP as a trailblazer in sports innovation. Warren Jones, SailGP's Chief Technology Officer, underscored the platform's versatility and collaborative spirit: "SailGP has always prioritised cutting-edge immersive media technologies, and LiveLineFX epitomises this commitment. Designed with broader sports properties and broadcasters in mind, it offers an unparalleled viewing experience tailored to the demands of diverse sporting events."

Beyond enhancing spectator engagement, SailGP leverages LiveLineFX for commercial branding, offering strategic on-screen placements for advertisers. This commercial application underscores the technology's potential to revolutionise fan engagement while delivering substantial commercial benefits.

The adoption of LiveLineFX aligns with SailGP's ambitious growth agenda, with the audience witnessing a surge in dedicated broadcast viewership, averaging 14 million per event. Melissa Lawton, SailGP's Chief Content Officer, highlighted the technology's versatility and applicability across a spectrum of sports: "Our success and the suitability of LiveLineFX for various out-of-stadium sports, including cycling, horse racing, surfing, and mass participation events, have sparked discussions with other sports properties keen to leverage the technology to expand their fan bases."

In tandem with sharing LiveLineFX, SailGP has introduced fresh innovations to its live broadcasts, including a revamped opening title sequence and a new soundtrack aimed at captivating new and younger audiences. This collaborative endeavour not only bolsters SailGP's outreach but also paves the way for transformative advancements in sports presentations at large.


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