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BreakAway Data Partners with StatsBomb, Providing Free Performance Metrics Access to NWSL Players

BreakAway Data, a prominent player in athlete-centric data analytics, has entered into a strategic partnership with the StatsBomb network, a diverse community comprising individuals and companies offering services to professional soccer organisations. This collaboration unfolds as a significant development for over 300 National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) players, who will now enjoy complimentary access to StatsBomb's comprehensive performance metrics.

The alliance opens the gateway for NWSL athletes to delve into crucial statistics, including pass completion rates, duels, and shot creation. Furthermore, players have the option to elevate their analytical insights by incorporating additional metrics such as pass footedness, shot impact height, and pressures.

BreakAway Data distinguishes itself through its athlete-centric data passport, a robust platform delivering performance data and statistics derived from both competitive matches and training sessions. Notably, over 90% of NWSL players have enthusiastically embraced the BreakAway Data app, emphasising the widespread recognition and adoption within the league.

Beyond its collaboration with NWSL, BreakAway Data boasts an extensive clientele that extends to renowned sports leagues such as the NBA, NFL, Premier League, and ATP, among others. This partnership marks a pioneering move, as BreakAway Data becomes the inaugural athlete performance company to integrate into the esteemed StatsBomb network.

As BreakAway Data continues to redefine the landscape of athlete analytics, this collaboration reaffirms its commitment to empowering athletes with cutting-edge tools and insights, positioning itself at the forefront of the sports data revolution.


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