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Cloud-based Innovations Fuel Personalised Live Sports Streaming Experience for Fans

The world of live sports streaming is constantly evolving, and service providers are now looking for ways to personalise the experience for viewers. One approach that has gained popularity is providing real-time graphics and data. The Hong Kong Jockey Club, for example, is experimenting with synchronising sports data with the video at the player level. They found that younger viewers are particularly interested in data-driven experiences, and by enabling them to choose which graphics and data overlays they want to see, service providers can meet that demand.

Another way to improve personalisation is through watch together, which allows viewers to watch videos with friends and family and comment in real time, no matter where they are in the world. However, delivering watch together services can be challenging since live streams need to be delivered synchronously. A low-latency video streaming platform is needed to ensure seamless communication between all connected viewers.

Thematic sports channels are also becoming more popular, with sports leagues and rights holders launching free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels to reach specific audiences with exclusive content such as live games, behind-the-scenes video, and locker room tours. By adopting a cloud-based video platform with channel assembly capabilities, it is easy to create thematic channels.

Gamification is another trend that is picking up steam, allowing viewers to receive instant-play games while watching live sports events. For example, viewers may be asked whether they think a player will be successful with a penalty kick or what the final score of the game will be. Gamification helps keep viewers engaged with the sports event.

The latest cloud technology innovations are driving the personalisation enhancements happening to live sports streaming experiences. Cloud-based streaming platforms enable service providers to deliver personalised live sports streaming services, such as multiview and watch together, with unparalleled agility, resiliency, security, and scalability for a superior, low-latency viewing experience.

Moreover, video service providers can create a superior live sports streaming experience and increase monetization opportunities by engaging viewers with individually addressable advertising. With an innovative server-side ad insertion (SSAI) SaaS that enables individually addressable advertising, including dynamic brand insertion, service providers can deliver targeted ads to millions of concurrent viewers for live sports streaming.

By segmenting viewers based on certain characteristics that advertisers want to target and using frequency capping, frequency control, and advertising storytelling, service providers can keep viewers engaged and ensure that a brand doesn't get oversaturated.

In today's increasingly fragmented sports streaming environment, keeping viewers engaged is critical. By offering features such as Multiview, watch together, and individually addressable ads, service providers can deliver a more appealing live sports streaming experience, drive viewer engagement, and increase monetisation.


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