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Cutting-Edge Technology Ball to Enhance VAR System at Euro

Euro 2024 will witness the introduction of the revolutionary 'Fussballliebe' as the official match ball, a collaborative effort by UEFA and Adidas. Designed to enhance the accuracy of offside and handball decisions, this cutting-edge football employs Adidas' connected ball technology to transmit real-time data to match officials.

Derived from the German phrase meaning 'love of football,' Fussballliebe aims to provide valuable insights into ball movement, playing a crucial role in UEFA's video assistant refereeing (VAR) decision-making process. The technology enables the identification of ball touches without specifying the location on the player's body.

Sam Handy, Vice President of Product and Design at Adidas Football, shared insights into the inspiration behind the creation of Fussballliebe, stating, "When designing this official match ball, we were inspired by the energy and diversity of the tournament and the love that Europe has for football."

The connected ball technology will signal when a touch occurs, leaving the determination of the contact location to officials who will rely on camera images to ascertain handball situations. The ball's outer shell is reinforced by the CTR-CORE, designed to optimise accuracy, consistency, and air retention for fast and precise play.

Zvonimir Boban, UEFA Technical Director and Chief of Football, expressed confidence in the new technology, stating, "The UEFA European Football Championship stands as the pinnacle of national team competition in Europe, and we are committed to ensuring that every aspect, from the venues to the equipment, upholds the highest standards of quality and performance."

Sam Handy echoed this sentiment, adding, "We are, as always, confident that Adidas' Fussballliebe will mark another stride in our shared dedication to excellence."

As anticipation builds for Euro 2024, set to kick off in Germany on June 14th, the introduction of Fussballliebe signifies a significant step towards leveraging technology to elevate the game's standards and ensure a seamless and fair competition.


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