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FORM Smart Goggles Technology Approved for Use in PTO Tour Races

The pioneering fitness technology company, FORM, known for its real-time visual feedback to enhance athletic performance, has received a significant nod from the world of triathlon. In a recent development, World Triathlon, after a comprehensive review by the World Triathlon Technical Committee, has confirmed that FORM Smart Swim Goggles are permitted in all World Triathlon Competition formats, adhering to existing rules and regulations.

This approval extends to a range of major events, including Super League Triathlon (SLT), Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO), USA Triathlon (USAT), and any races sanctioned by World Triathlon.

The groundbreaking FORM Smart Swim Goggles allow both professional and amateur athletes to leverage in-goggle augmented reality (AR) displays to access real-time data, thereby aiding them in maintaining their desired pace during races. This development marks a significant milestone in the sport of triathlon, offering athletes the capability to track their performance metrics while in the water.

Dan Eisenhardt, the CEO of FORM, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "This is a monumental moment for FORM and the entire sport of triathlon. The race approval through the governing body of the sport is a turning point for the triathlete community. Athletes in these races can access their real-time performance metrics to pace themselves and push the sport further in the water, just as they do in cycling and running."

Traditionally, swimming has lacked the technological advancements that are common in other sports. Swimmers have typically relied on rudimentary methods such as clocks, flags, buoy distances, or coaches to gauge their pace and performance. FORM introduced the world's first smart swim goggles in 2019, revolutionizing how athletes train in the water and enhancing the sport's dynamics. The AR display in FORM goggles allows swimmers to monitor key performance metrics like pace per 100, distance, calories burned, and stroke rate in real-time, right within their goggles.

Beyond the pool, FORM goggles offer comprehensive open-water capabilities. In open water settings, swimmers can access performance metrics such as time and stroke rate. When synchronized with compatible Garmin or Apple Watches, the goggles can also display additional data like distance, pace, and heart rate, all directly within the swimmer's line of sight.

In 2021, FORM introduced "Workouts," an innovative feature that provides FORM users with access to over 1,500 coach-designed training sessions, guiding swimmers through immersive training experiences using the in-goggle display. Post-workout, swimmers can review their data, gaining valuable insights into their training progress.

Brian Johns, Head of Coaching Science at FORM, highlighted the advantages of wearing FORM goggles in competitive races, stating, "Being able to wear FORM goggles in competitive races will help professional and amateur triathletes in a number of ways. For a start, it will enable athletes to pace themselves and manage their effort, particularly at the start of their race in the water. Athletes can quickly assess how far they’ve swum and still have to go. It will also help with their real-time stroke rate and allow them to execute their race plan more precisely."

This approval not only brings swimming in line with running and cycling in terms of technology usage but also contributes to reducing anxiety among athletes during open-water events, as they will feel more connected and informed. The inclusion of FORM Smart Swim Goggles in these competitions marks a significant step forward in embracing technology to enhance performance and the overall triathlete experience.


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