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Friedkin Group Poised for Everton Takeover

The Friedkin Group has reached an agreement in principle to take over Everton Football Club. Chairman Dan Friedkin, who also owns Serie AS Roma, has emerged as the frontrunner to acquire the Premier League club, outpacing four other bidders.

Friedkin's potential purchase of Farhad Moshiri's 94% stake in Everton could be decided by the weekend. The American businessman, with an estimated net worth of £4.8 billion, envisions Roma and Everton as cornerstone clubs in a multi-club ownership model. The current Everton owner, Moshiri, is expected to grant Friedkin's group a period of exclusivity to finalize the deal structure.

The Friedkin bid has surpassed competitors including UK-based Vici Private Finance, MSP Sports Capital, local entrepreneurs Andy Bell and George Downing, and a consortium involving a Saudi royal. The latter consortium, led by London-based lawyer Vatche Manoukian, withdrew following the news of Friedkin's advancing bid. In a statement to BBC Sport, the Manoukian consortium expressed support for Everton fans and thanked their investors, while shifting focus to new ventures.

Everton, having finished 15th last season and facing an eight-point deduction for breaching Premier League financial rules, must comply with the league's profit and sustainability regulations by the end of this month. The club also owes a payment to MSP Sports Capital, which loaned Everton approximately £158 million and is among Friedkin's rival bidders.

Looking ahead, Everton is set to move to a new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock for the 2025-26 season, a move that aligns with the club’s broader ambitions. The Friedkin Group's acquisition of Roma in 2020 led to the appointment of manager Jose Mourinho, demonstrating their strategic approach to club management and success on the field.

As the weekend approaches, Everton fans and stakeholders await the final decision on the takeover, which could mark the beginning of a new era for the club both on and off the pitch.


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