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Google Cloud and PMY Collaborate to Revolutionise Sports and Events Through Generative AI

Google Cloud and PMY Group (PMY) have joined forces with LIV Golf to introduce a Golf Companion App and pioneering live broadcast capabilities. This multi-year partnership positions Google Cloud as PMY's technology partner for selected sports, events, and venue clients, aiming to revolutionise fan experiences through generative AI.

The partnership will kick off with several major projects, including a multi-year agreement with LIV Golf. LIV Golf, known for its commitment to innovation, will introduce advancements in fan engagement, real-time data streaming, course and event mapping, and personalised experiences for fans and broadcast viewers. Leveraging PMY's expertise in infrastructure transformation, fan experience enhancement, and data intelligence, combined with Google Cloud's innovative generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, the collaboration aims to elevate the fan experience both on and off the golf course.

One of the flagship projects under this partnership is the introduction of the "Any Shot, Any Time" feature on LIV Golf Plus, set to launch in summer 2024. Built on Google Cloud's Vertex AI platform, this feature allows fans to select specific golfers, teams, or groups to watch in real-time. Additionally, fans can access searchable and customisable on-demand highlight reels from any round of any LIV tournament, creating a highly innovative live broadcast experience.

Matt Renner, President of Google Cloud, expressed excitement about enhancing fan experiences with generative AI tools and the cloud platform. LIV Golf Commissioner and CEO Greg Norman also shared enthusiasm, stating that the collaboration with Google Cloud as a technology partner marks a significant step in the league's digital transformation.

The partnership not only focuses on live broadcast innovations but also introduces the LIV Golf Companion App, powered by Google Cloud's AI technologies, including its latest large language models (LLMs). Set to launch in the summer of 2024, the app will offer 3D aerial overviews of each venue, advanced real-time statistics, virtual caddy views, and customised competition recaps.

Bryson DeChambeau, Captain of Crushers GC, emphasised the partnership's potential to take golf to unprecedented heights by maximising technology in ways never seen before. The Golf Companion App will be available for free on Apple and Google Play stores, allowing fans to explore golf events like never before.

CEO of PMY Group, Paul Yeomans, highlighted the collaboration's perfect synergy, combining PMY's global experience, Google Cloud's advanced technologies, and LIV Golf's innovative approach to revolutionise the sports experience.

Google Cloud, with a history of partnerships with leading sports and entertainment brands, including Major League Baseball, SoFi Stadium, and the Football Association of England, continues to solidify its presence in the dynamic world of sports technology and innovation.


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