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Highmount Capital Injects Over $100 Million into Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect, the renowned sports-based YouTube channel, has sealed a significant strategic partnership with private investment firm Highmount Capital, marking a new chapter of growth for the online sensation.

While the precise financial terms remain undisclosed, sources cited by Variety indicate that the investment falls within the range of $100 million to $300 million. Since its inception in 2009 and subsequent collaboration with Team Whistle (now under DAZN ownership) in 2019, Dude Perfect has amassed a staggering fan base of over 100 million across various social media platforms.

The influx of capital from Highmount Capital will fuel Dude Perfect's expansion into fresh avenues, encompassing content creation, innovative partnerships, and the establishment of a robust management team. The investment endeavour, advised by CAA Evolution and King & Spalding, coincides with Dude Perfect's plans to inaugurate a new headquarters in Frisco, Texas. This multifaceted facility will serve as a hub for content production, community engagements, retail operations, and the brand's burgeoning streaming service.

Coby Cotton, co-founder of Dude Perfect, articulated the brand's mission to deliver unparalleled entertainment to families, expressing optimism about leveraging the partnership with Highmount Capital to materialise innovative products and immersive experiences.

"The Dudes have truly captured the hearts and minds of the next generation, pioneering the new creator-led media space and expanding far beyond video and traditional channels," remarked Jason Illian, co-founder and general partner at Highmount Capital. "In addition to creating content that garners billions of views every year, which is an impressive feat on its own, the Dudes have built something even more valuable and that is trust – trust with families, brands, and consumers of all ages and backgrounds."


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