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SailGP Leverages T-Mobile 5G for Onboard Navigation and POV Cameras

SailGP, the prestigious sailing championship, has taken its collaboration with US mobile operator T-Mobile to new heights. In a strategic move, SailGP has chosen to harness the power of cutting-edge enterprise 5G networking technology from T-Mobile's Advanced Network Solutions (ANS) portfolio. This extension of the partnership holds significant implications, not only for broadcast operations but also for elevating athletes' performance.

Central to this development is the deployment of 5G-enabled wireless Point-of-View (POV) cameras on each SailGP boat during every event. These cameras serve as integral components, capturing live high-definition video that seamlessly streams to SailGP's broadcast centre in London. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), these cameras possess the capability to track athlete movements, offering viewers an exceptional perspective as they tune in via television or engage with content across social and digital platforms.

Beyond enhancing spectator experiences, the 5G network will drive onboard handsets, allowing race strategists to access real-time race data that informs tactical decisions. Each of the SailGP boats brims with 125 sensors, collectively amassing over 300,000 data points per second. This data fuels diverse broadcast and digital services and undergoes analysis by teams post-race. The potential to access this information instantaneously holds the promise of transforming racing strategies.

Warren Jones, Chief Technology Officer of SailGP, emphasised, "Our F50 catamarans are essentially massive Internet of Things (IoT) devices that also provide incredible entertainment for fans whether they’re in person or watching from around the world."

This strategic alliance between SailGP and T-Mobile for Business not only amplifies the engagement factor through onboard live camera views but also empowers athletes with real-time data insights, amplifying decision-making capabilities for the ten national teams involved.

The collaboration serves as a dynamic platform for T-Mobile's business division, showcasing its technological prowess. This partnership is slated to continue until 2025, showcasing the commitment to innovation and transformative technological applications. Additionally, the four SailGP events in the US each season will provide substantial exposure to T-Mobile.

As the digital landscape ushers in the era of 5G networks, its ultrafast speeds, expanded capacity, and ultralow latency are poised to revolutionise various aspects of sports, including broadcasting. The reliability of 5G, augmented by private networks and slicing capabilities, facilitates the handling of more substantial workloads than previously possible.

For an intricate sport like sailing, which spans vast expanses and confronts harsh conditions, the integration of T-Mobile's 5G technology presents an ideal use case, promising to reshape the dynamics of SailGP and setting a precedent for innovative applications within the realm of sports.


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