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Shaq, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant among latest investors in TMRW Sports

TMRW Sports, a sports organization founded last year by Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and former Golf Channel executive Mike McCarley, has announced that Shaquille O'Neal, Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant are among its latest investors.

The platform focuses on using technology and new media to revolutionize sports and recently held a funding round to bring in outside revenue for the first time, featuring over 65 athletes, team owners and entrepreneurs.

Joining Rich Kleiman, the newest investors on the TMRW Sports platform include NBA superstars Durant, who co-founded Thirty Five Ventures alongside Kleiman, and O'Neal and Wade, who are investing personal funds. Thirty Five Ventures focuses on sports, media and entertainment and runs Boardroom, a media network that was established in 2019.

Stephen Curry, Steve Nash, Jayson Tatum and Chris Paul were among the basketball world figures that had already invested in TMRW Sports before the additions of O'Neal, Wade, Durant and Kleiman.

The latest investment in TMRW Sports demonstrates the growing interest in using technology and new media to enhance the sports industry. The platform's unique focus on these areas has attracted investors from across the sports world, and the additions of O'Neal, Wade and Durant will only serve to strengthen its position in the market.

With this latest round of funding, TMRW Sports will be able to continue its efforts to revolutionize sports through technology and new media, and expand its offerings to a wider audience.


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