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Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy's TGL Simulator Golf League Postponed Until 2025

The highly anticipated TGL (Tech Golf League), set to debut in January with ESPN as its broadcasting platform, has been postponed by a year and is now scheduled to kick off in 2025.

The setback stems from a recent incident at the league's upcoming arena on the Palm Beach State College campus in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. Last week, the under-construction facility suffered substantial damage due to a power outage, leading to the compromise of the dome structure. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in connection with the incident.

Founded by golf legends Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, TGL released an official statement on Monday, providing insights into the decision-making process. The statement cited a failure in the temporary power and backup systems during construction, resulting in the deflation and damage of the air-supported dome section. Despite the setback, the league expressed confidence in the future, highlighting ongoing excitement and plans to enhance the league's delivery during the extended timeline.

The TGL simulator league, designed to feature six teams, each comprising four PGA Tour players engaged in a three-player, two-hour team format, was slated to bring a unique and tech-infused experience to golf enthusiasts. The state-of-the-art air-supported dome, covering approximately 250,000 square feet, was expected to house an oversised simulator with a massive 46-by-64-foot screen, offering players an immersive experience with various elements, including greens and bunkers. The facility was also designed to accommodate 2,000 spectators.

Originally, matches were scheduled to be broadcast on ESPN from Tuesday, Jan. 9, and continue weekly until late March. The unexpected delay prompted both organisers and players, including McIlroy and Woods, to share their thoughts on the situation. McIlroy expressed mixed feelings of disappointment and excitement, emphasising the importance of regrouping and returning stronger. Woods, a key figure in the Jupiter Links TGL team, remained confident in the concept's eventual realisation despite the unforeseen timeline adjustments.

As the golf community awaits the revamped launch in 2025, TGL organisers are actively updating plans and timelines, aiming to capitalise on the additional time to deliver an even more compelling and exciting experience for players, fans, and teams alike.


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