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Vodafone Revolutionises Training With Emma Raducanu Hologram Tennis Coaching

image by Vodafone

Tennis star Emma Raducanu pleasantly surprised two young aspiring tennis players with a groundbreaking hologram coaching session, made possible by advanced 5G technology. Despite being separated by over 4,000 miles (7,000km), Emma appeared as a live 3D hologram in London, delivering an unforgettable training session while situated at her training camp in Abu Dhabi.

Thanks to the seamless combination of Vodafone's superfast 5G network and innovative 3D technology, there was no delay between Emma's coaching in Abu Dhabi and her 5G hologram in London. The session provided valuable guidance on technique, and the young talents had the opportunity to interact with their idol, asking questions and capturing holographic selfies.

Vodafone's demonstration highlighted the potential of 5G connectivity and technology to transform tennis coaching, connecting promising grassroots players with renowned coaches worldwide. Recent research commissioned by Vodafone revealed that a significant proportion of Brits (47%) believed that future technological advancements could enhance children's tennis learning experiences, while 43% expressed optimism about technology's impact on introducing the sport.

Renowned futurist Dr Ian Pearson predicts that technological advancements, such as Vodafone's 5G network, could open up countless possibilities for the future of tennis.

In an extraordinary display of Vodafone's hologram technology powered by their 5G network, 20-year-old tennis prodigy Emma Raducanu surprised Sam Clague, 14, from Wiltshire, and T'nae Diamond Paisley, 12, from Birmingham, with an exclusive 5G holographic coaching session, despite the vast distance of 4,370 miles (7,032km) separating them.

The unexpected lesson unfolded with Emma appearing as a live 3D hologram in London, while she guided the young players through an unforgettable training session all the way from her training camp in Abu Dhabi.

The impressive feat was made possible through Vodafone's 5G network, which enabled real-time delivery of the coaching session. The combination of superfast 5G connectivity and advanced 3D holographic technology ensured a seamless experience, with no discernible delay between Emma's coaching in Abu Dhabi and her hologram projection on the court at the All England Club's Community Tennis Centre in London. During the session, Emma provided valuable advice on technique, and the two young talents had the opportunity to interact with her, posing questions and even capturing holographic selfies together.

The hologram coaching session showcased the potential of 5G connectivity and technology to revolutionize tennis coaching by connecting aspiring players with exceptional coaches worldwide, regardless of their geographical location.

Vodafone's research into the future of technology in tennis unveiled that nearly half of Brits (47%) believed that forthcoming advancements in the sport could improve the way children learn to play, while 43% expressed optimism about technology's potential to transform the sport's introduction. Moreover, an overwhelming 66% of tennis fans believed that remote coaching using holographic technology could serve as a source of inspiration for the next generation of tennis players.

Emma Raducanu, Vodafone's Play Your Way to Wimbledon Ambassador, shared her enthusiasm, stating, "The next generation of tennis starts with the future generation of players. Coaching Sam and T'nae in the first-ever 5G hologram lesson only scratches the surface of this technology's capabilities, and hopefully, it means coaches will be able to train the next Wimbledon champion from anywhere in the world."


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