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Bolt6's Electronic Line-Calling System Triumphs in Tennis Testing

Last week, Bolt6's cutting-edge live electronic line-calling system, known as Sentinel, underwent rigorous testing for hard courts. The evaluation was conducted by a committee consisting of representatives from the International Tennis Federation (ITF), Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), Women's Tennis Association (WTA), and Grand Slam tournaments. Following the comprehensive assessment, the committee not only gave its nod of approval but also recommended further stadium-specific testing before widespread implementation at events.

In a significant development, the ATP had previously announced in April its intention to embrace live Electronic Line Calling (ELC) for automatic out-call determinations across all events and surfaces starting in 2025. Despite the adoption of ELC Live, chair umpires will continue to officiate matches. The ATP foresees the approval of multiple suppliers by the targeted year, with Bolt6 now joining the ranks.

Having established collaborations with prominent sporting entities such as the PGA Tour, USFL, XFL, and NASCAR since its inception in 2021, Bolt6's inclusion underscores its growing influence in the sports technology sector.

The roots of ELC Live trace back to its initial trial at the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan in 2017. More recently, the Australian Open and U.S. Open, governed independently as Grand Slam events, began utilising Hawk-Eye's live electronic line-calling system on all courts in 2021. Notably, the U.S. Open had deployed this technology on its outer courts in 2020 as a response to the pandemic's challenges.


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