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Brentford FC Owner Explores Sale, Valuation Potentially Exceeding £400 Million

The owner of Brentford Football Club, Matthew Benham, has enlisted the expertise of Rothschild to explore potential investment opportunities that could value the club at over £400 million.

Benham, who initially invested in Brentford in 2007, has reportedly engaged Rothschild to oversee the process, indicating a potential sale of a controlling stake in the club. The formal proceedings are anticipated to commence shortly, with industry observers predicting heightened interest from American investors, a trend seen across several Premier League clubs.

Under Benham's leadership, Brentford has emerged as a remarkable success story in English football, ascending from lower divisions to securing a place in the prestigious Premier League in 2021. The club's relocation from the historic Griffin Park to a new stadium near Kew Bridge further underscores its growth and modernisation efforts.

Sources close to the situation suggest that Benham is considering various options, including the sale of either a minority or majority shareholding, with valuations exceeding the £400 million mark.

In the event of a sale of a controlling stake, Benham reportedly intends to retain a minority interest in the club over the long term.

The substantial valuation reflects the escalating worth of Premier League clubs, notwithstanding ongoing uncertainties surrounding the sport's financial landscape.

Meanwhile, the Premier League's recent announcement of an emergency meeting scheduled for the end of this month aims to facilitate progress towards a significant settlement with the English Football League. This initiative coincides with the impending publication of the Football Governance Bill by Lucy Frazer, the culture secretary, which seeks to empower a new watchdog with the authority to enforce financial redistribution agreements within the sport.

The proposed settlement, dubbed the New Deal, is projected to entail substantial costs for Premier League clubs, estimated between £837 million and £925 million over six years, contingent upon an £88 million payment for the current season.

Amidst these developments, Frazer has urged the 92 professional football clubs in England to resolve their differences and embrace the prospective settlement


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