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Wrexham Owners Diversify with Liga MX Investment

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, the dynamic duo behind the transformation of Welsh football club Wrexham, have set their sights on a new sporting venture closer to home. Variety's report on April 29 unveiled their latest move: investing in Mexican club Necaxa, renowned in Liga MX circles as two-time former champions of the CONCACAF region.

Necaxa, founded over a century ago, boasts a rich legacy with three Mexican championship titles and two CONCACAF Champions' Cup victories, the most recent in 1999. With Hollywood luminary Eva Longoria already in the fold as an investor, Reynolds and McElhenney's entry adds to the star power behind the club.

Though the extent of their involvement remains undisclosed, speculation is rife about potential projects akin to their acclaimed docuseries, 'Welcome to Wrexham'. The infusion of celebrity interest is expected to amplify global attention on Necaxa's fortunes.

Given Liga MX's status as a premier soccer spectacle, particularly in the American market, Necaxa's prominence aligns with the duo's penchant for strategic investments. While their hands-on approach may differ from their Wrexham endeavour due to the club's existing stature and investor landscape, their influence is anticipated to enhance Necaxa's profile further.

With Necaxa valued at $200 million and firmly entrenched in the upper echelons of US soccer viewership, any potential shift in focus from Wrexham is unlikely to diminish the ongoing success of their ownership.


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