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Crystal Palace FC Owner Considering Selling 45% Stake

Eagle Football Holdings is reportedly in the early stages of exploring the sale of its 45% stake in Crystal Palace, a move that could have far-reaching implications for both the club and the Premier League.

Internal discussions regarding the potential sale have intensified over the past two weeks, although formal negotiations with external parties have not yet commenced.

Group chairman John Textor, considering the current direction of talks, may decide to sell the stake, potentially leading to broader changes within the club. Initial indications suggest that potential buyers would likely pursue the move if they could secure majority control of Crystal Palace. This, in turn, would involve acquiring Steve Parish's 10% stake, given his significant voting rights. Parish has not only served as the face of the club but also as a prominent voice among "the other 13" in the Premier League, often challenging the decisions of the league's most influential clubs on matters affecting the game's future. Any such move at Palace could result in a significant shift in dynamics.

This potential sale presents a rare opportunity to acquire a stake in a well-established Premier League fixture, with private equity groups showing heightened interest due to the league's massive global popularity. While the sale is still in its early stages, with no bank mandated to initiate the process, discussions have reached potential buyers.

In addition to the Crystal Palace stake, Eagle Football Holdings owns other football entities, including Botafogo, FC Florida, RWD Molenbeek, and Olympique Lyonnais.


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