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Dapper Labs Sees NBA Top Shot as Key Step Towards Being Mobile-First Web3 Company

Blockchain technology company Dapper Labs sees the launch of the mobile version of NBA Top Shot as the first step in the company’s evolution into a mobile-first Web3 company.

NBA Top Shot will launch on mobile through apps available at Apple’s iOS App Store and Google’s Android Play Store, with the aim of giving NBA Top Shot users a smoother experience of accessing and buying digital collectibles on the go. The officially licensed basketball NFT platform has generated more than USD1bn in sales since launch in 2021.

Dapper Labs will initially release a limited version of the app, where users will be able to view their own collection of NBA Top Shot NFTs, be notified of drops and buy a starter pack of NFT moments. More features will be added later.

Until now, Web3 operators and NFT marketplaces have had limited NFT transactions on mobile because of the cut of sales on taken by Apple and Google, and the complications this creates for the secondary market between users.

Users buying NBA Top Shot through a mobile apps will be shown the fee being taken by Dapper Labs. Dapper said it was working with Apple and Google to try and find the best way forward. The longer-term plan is to expand the Top Shot mobile apps to enable peer-to-peer marketplace trades between users.

Last week’s drop of 100,000 Top Shot starter packs based on LeBron James’ feat of breaking the NBA’s all-time scoring record, which sold at USD9 through the web interface, sold out quickly.


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