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Deloitte's 2024 Sports Investment Outlook

Deloitte, a leading professional services firm, has unveiled its forecast for the sports mergers and acquisitions (M&A) landscape in 2024, anticipating a dynamic year ahead characterised by significant investment potential and innovative disruptions within the sports industry.

In its outlook, Deloitte predicts a continued expansion of the investor base exploring opportunities in sports, signalling a growing interest in the sector's potential for strong returns. Notably, certain sports assets are expected to attract record valuations, underscoring the attractiveness of the sports market for investors.

One of the key trends identified by Deloitte is the increasing focus on market disruption through strategic investments. In 2024, investors are expected to explore opportunities in emerging sports sectors such as cycling, sailing, and padel, leveraging their capital to drive innovation and reshape the sports landscape.

Furthermore, Deloitte foresees a rise in demand for premium sports properties, driven primarily by institutional investors seeking to capitalise on the lucrative opportunities within the sports market. This heightened demand is likely to drive up valuations, particularly at the top end of the market, creating opportunities for strategic investments and partnerships.

Within this evolving landscape, Deloitte anticipates several implications for the sports investment market. Minority investments are expected to surge as acquiring majority stakes in premium sports assets becomes increasingly capital-intensive. Additionally, a polarisation in asset valuations is likely to emerge, with a growing gap between premium and non-premium assets reflecting varying growth prospects.

As premium asset prices continue to rise, institutional investors are expected to explore adjacent market segments in search of returns. These markets, benefiting from the positive momentum generated by premium rights holders, offer opportunities for diversification and portfolio expansion.

In parallel, Deloitte highlights the ongoing growth trajectory of women's sports as a significant driver of investment interest in 2024. With an expanding group of investors, including institutional players and private equity firms, taking note of the potential within the women's sports market, there is a growing emphasis on redefining the investment case for women's sports.

Overall, Deloitte's outlook underscores the dynamic nature of the sports M&A landscape in 2024, characterised by evolving investment strategies, escalating valuations, and a renewed focus on innovative disruptions and opportunities, including those within the women's sports market. As investors navigate these trends, they are poised to shape the future of the sports industry through strategic investments and partnerships that drive growth and innovation.


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