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Drones to Debut in World Series Broadcasts by Fox Sports

While drones have become common tools in live sports production, Fox Sports is set to introduce a new dimension to its World Series coverage by employing a fleet of three compact drones for the very first time. Previously, Fox had integrated drones into its baseball broadcasts for events like the All-Star and Field of Dreams games. The network's history with drones dates back to 2015 when they were first used in production.

For this World Series, Fox's plans for the trio of drones include capturing pivotal moments such as relief pitchers making their way from the bullpen, inter-inning warm-ups, and pitchers leaving the mound. The collaboration with Beverly Hills Aerials has led to the creation of a custom drone fleet, which will be operated by the same company. Although Fox will choose the most suitable drone for each specific capture, all three are FPV (first-person view) units, and only one will be airborne at any given time.

The drone pilot will be positioned in the outfield, either behind or between the bullpens. All three drones are equipped with 4K cameras, but Fox intends to transmit 1080p HDR footage, which will also be available for viewing on large screens inside the two stadiums.

These drone shots will complement Fox's recently introduced UmpCam, which debuted during this year's ALDS. The UmpCam offers viewers a unique perspective from the home plate umpire's vantage point, with a camera installed at the top of the umpire's mask, providing close-up views of ball/strike calls and on-field action.

Fox's World Series coverage will involve a total of 52 cameras, including an overhead FlyCam, three DirtCams (positioned near home plate, first base, and second base), 13 Super Motion cameras, and three RF cameras. To ensure that fans at home can fully experience the game's sounds, Fox will place over 100 microphones throughout each ballpark to capture every aspect of the game's audio.


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