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DVSport Teams Up with Genius Sports to Enhance Officiating and Coaching Solutions

Genius Sports, the exclusive distributor of Official NCAA Data, has entered into a strategic partnership with DVSport, Inc. ("DVSport"), a leading software company specialising in digital video acquisition, analysis, and playback software. The collaboration aims to revolutionise DVSport's technology by integrating it with the highest quality college sports data.

DVSport's officiating replay solutions have been widely utilised in collegiate football and basketball, with over 10,000 football games and 15,000 basketball games benefiting from their broadcast-quality video support for officiating decisions. By leveraging Genius Sports' official data feeds, DVSport's technology will streamline officiating workflows, identifying crucial plays for review instantly and automatically pairing them with multi-angle video clips.

Conference partners of DVSport will also reap the rewards of this partnership, utilising official play-by-play data and integrated video to enhance post-game evaluations of officials' performance across various sports.

Genius Sports, as the sole distributor of official NCAA data, provides the fastest, most accurate, and richest data source on college sports. Captured by NCAA LiveStats, this data is utilised in over 65,000 games annually across basketball, football, ice hockey, volleyball, and soccer.

Furthermore, this collaboration will enhance DVSport's coaching tools, integrating official data and statistics with live and preloaded video to offer comprehensive analysis capabilities for teams.

Brian Lowe, President and CEO of DVSport, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Enhancing in-game and post-game video with the official data provided by Genius Sports will benefit all stakeholders immensely."

Matthew Cowling, EVP of Sport & Partnerships at Genius Sports, echoed Lowe's sentiments, emphasising the power of combining high-quality data and video to deliver exceptional solutions for officials, coaches, fans, and broadcasters alike. He affirmed, "We're excited to partner with DVSport, enhancing their proven officiating and coaching solutions with the highest quality data across the entire college sports calendar."


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