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Elon Musk to Launch Twitter App for Smart TVs

Twitter's owner, Elon Musk, announced on Saturday that the social media giant is planning to develop a video app specifically designed for smart TVs. This move aligns with Twitter's recent strategy to emphasize the expansion of video content on their platform.

Musk responded to a tweet suggesting the need for a Twitter video app, confirming its forthcoming release with a simple statement: "It's coming."

During an investor presentation last Thursday, the newly appointed CEO, Linda Yaccarino, and Musk outlined Twitter's upcoming initiatives, which include a strong focus on video, creator collaborations, and commerce partnerships. The objective behind these efforts is to reinvigorate Twitter's business beyond its traditional reliance on digital advertising. Notably, one slide from the presentation revealed that vertical video already accounted for over 10% of the time users spent on Twitter.

In a noteworthy development earlier this month, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson debuted a new show titled "Tucker on Twitter" on the platform. Sources familiar with the matter informed Reuters that Twitter envisions the potential to generate revenue by selling advertisements and securing sponsorships alongside videos from Carlson and other content creators.

With the impending launch of a Twitter video app for smart TVs, the company aims to further enhance user engagement and capitalize on the growing demand for video content in the social media landscape.


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