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Extreme E Teams Up with Vodafone to Launch Advanced Fire Detection Technology

Extreme E, the all-electric off-road racing series, has collaborated with the MedSea Foundation and Vodafone Business to develop an innovative fire detection technology in Sardinia. This system recently completed a successful live test, demonstrating its capability to identify and communicate fire warnings to emergency services more swiftly than traditional camera and satellite methods.

Utilising IoT sensors, the system monitors conditions such as heat and humidity, which are conducive to fire risks. These sensors, developed by Vodafone Business, are strategically placed 100 meters apart in the Santu Lussurgiu Forest and are linked to a Tree Growth Monitor for additional data collection.

Extreme E's broader mission is to raise awareness and prompt action on global climate change threats through its Legacy Programs. Since its inaugural season in 2021, Extreme E has raced on the Italian island of Sardinia, a region severely affected by wildfires in recent years. The series is set to return to Sardinia this September.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has recently launched Electric 360, a partnership with Formula E, Extreme E, and E1, further advancing the commitment to sustainable and innovative racing solutions.


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