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ICC Launches Groundbreaking 'ICC Immersive' App for Fans

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced the launch of ICC Immersive, a groundbreaking app set to transform cricket fan experiences. Designed in partnership with sports technology leader Quidich, this innovative app offers fans a virtual cricket pitch experience from their homes, debuting during the Men’s T20 World Cup 2024.

Exclusively available for Apple Vision Pro users, ICC Immersive enables fans in the USA to immerse themselves in the stadium atmosphere with interactive data overlays and visualisations that bring the game to life.

Through advanced tracking technologies and various data sources, the app creates an authentic replica of the stadium environment. Users can enjoy a 360-degree view of the action and relive thrilling moments, including the Super Eights and the intense India-Pakistan match. The experience spans all seven World Cup venues in the USA and West Indies, featuring the iconic Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in New York, complete with drone fly-throughs and highlight reels.

ICC Immersive allows fans to face the world's top bowlers virtually, capturing the essence of being at the centre of a packed stadium. ICC Head of Digital, Finn Bradshaw, highlighted the app's potential to bring fans closer to the action using new technology and data. "The Apple Vision Pro gave us a unique platform to create completely immersive experiences," Bradshaw said. "We believe this will be a great way for existing fans to go deeper into the game they love and help new fans understand our sport."

Rahat Kulshreshtha, co-founder of Quidich, emphasised the app's advanced data integration. "By combining 2.2 million data points collected for every T20 game with the ICC's global reach, we're creating an unparalleled experience for cricket fans worldwide," he said. Developed in Goa, India, the ICC Immersive app aims to revolutionise sports broadcast technology and redefine how sports are consumed.

Experience the T20 World Cup like never before with the ICC Immersive App, designed to transform cricket fandom.


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