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Lega Serie A Reveals Cutting-Edge Production Plans for Coppa Italia Final

The upcoming Coppa Italia Frecciarossa Final, featuring a clash between Fiorentina and Inter, is gearing up for an extraordinary television production at Rome's renowned Olimpico stadium on May 24th.

This innovative broadcast will feature captivating filming techniques, including the use of cinematographic optics and cameras never before seen in a football match. To enhance the viewer experience, a drone will provide aerial perspectives, offering fans a comprehensive narrative from the pre-match buildup to the triumphant trophy celebrations.

The production will be a major undertaking, employing more than 38 cameras placed strategically throughout the field. These cameras will include host cameras, thematic channel cameras, integration cameras from Mediaset (the primary national licensee) and ESPN (the international broadcaster), as well as cameras for special social media content creation. This diverse camera setup will capture the essence of the event, ensuring fans do not miss any of the thrilling action.

The collaboration with Sony Japan will bring the latest advancements in camera technology to the broadcast. These cutting-edge cameras, including the HDC-F5500 and HDC-3500 models, will provide high-quality footage and innovative perspectives. The HDC-F5500 cameras, combined with the HDVF-EL760 system, will capture the match and cover the opening and closing ceremonies.

The HDC-3500 cameras, equipped with the HDVF-EL760 system and Variable ND Filter, will enhance shading and depth of field management. Additionally, the use of an experimental Augmented Reality technology, in partnership with Hawk Eye, will further enrich the broadcast with advanced statistical data.

The Coppa Italia Frecciarossa Final will be broadcast in over 165 territories by more than 35 international broadcasters, promising a captivating viewing experience for football enthusiasts worldwide. With its commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling and capturing the atmosphere of the event, the production aims to provide an unforgettable spectacle for fans eagerly anticipating this thrilling final.


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