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Major League Rugby Adopts Gilbert x Sportable Smart Ball Technology

Major League Rugby (MLR) in North America has introduced the Gilbert x Sportable smart rugby ball into its gameplay. This innovative smart ball, a collaboration between smart-tracking tech company Sportable and renowned rugby equipment provider Gilbert, is set to revolutionise the MLR experience by offering a wealth of data and insights to coaches, players, and viewers.

The Gilbert x Sportable smart ball will provide real-time information, including metrics such as speed and distance traveled, offering unique perspectives that are expected to enhance media and broadcast coverage of MLR matches. This marks a significant technological advancement for American professional rugby, with MLR becoming the first league in the country to embrace this cutting-edge smart ball technology.

Sportable, known for its involvement in prestigious rugby events like the Six Nations, Autumn Internationals, World Rugby U20 Championship, and various summer test matches in Australia, brings its expertise to MLR through this partnership. On the other hand, Gilbert, the official ball of the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics' return to the game, contributes its extensive experience in rugby equipment.

MLR's CEO, Nic Benson, expressed excitement about this pioneering partnership, emphasizing the league's commitment to leveraging technology to unlock the full potential of its matches. The Gilbert x Sportable smart ball is expected to offer unparalleled real-time data findings, providing fans with engaging insights into the game and holding future potential to enhance team training and referee assessments.

Sportable CEO, Dugald Macdonald, highlighted the company's enthusiasm to partner with MLR, introducing the Gilbert x Sportable Smart Ball this season. The incorporation of Smart Balls and associated analytics aims to bring a new level of innovation and insight to rugby fans, delivering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the game.

Gilbert Rugby Commercial CEO, Richard Gray, expressed delight at the inclusion of the Gilbert x Sportable Smart Ball in Major League Rugby. With over five years of exclusive collaboration with Sportable in developing this revolutionary ball, Gray anticipates bringing sports fans closer to the game by providing exciting and engaging insights through real-time data.

This move signifies MLR's dedication to embracing technological advancements and fostering a deeper connection between the sport, its players, and its fans. As Major League Rugby takes this bold step forward, the Gilbert x Sportable smart ball is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of rugby experiences in North America.


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