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Manchester City Partners with Piing for Enhanced Fan Interaction at Etihad Stadium

Premier League champions Manchester City have announced Piing as their official crowd games supplier, bringing an exciting interactive fan participation game to match day crowds at the Etihad Stadium. This official supplier agreement builds on the existing relationship between Manchester City and the Manchester-based company, Piing.

Under the multi-year agreement, fans attending matches at both the Etihad Stadium and the Joie Stadium will be able to enjoy Piing games before the match and during half-time. This pioneering collaboration, a first among Premier League clubs, aims to enhance fan engagement by offering interactive experiences. Supporters will have the opportunity to showcase their penalty shooting skills with the Pen-Kick game on the big screens and test their football knowledge with Quiiz.

Gareth Langley, CEO of Piing, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “This collaboration marks a huge step for the Piing brand and brings us back to a team in which we have some deep connections and long-standing friendships. We’re on a mission to engage fans at the greatest events on Earth, so we’re really looking forward to large crowds across men’s and women’s matches at the Etihad and Joie Stadiums getting their hands on our games.”

In addition to the big screen games, fans will be able to play Piing in fanzones, hospitality areas, and during the Manchester City Blue Carpet experience. The games are accessible to anyone with a smartphone; fans can simply scan a QR code displayed on the big screens to join the game, eliminating the need for app downloads.

Langley added, “We were considering the value of stadium-wide digital activations that all fans could interact with. That’s when we saw the global opportunity for how Piing can change how brands interact with fans at sports and live events all over the world. It’s great to come full circle and cement that relationship with the club where it all started.”

This collaboration with Piing is set to revolutionize fan interaction, offering a more immersive and engaging experience for Manchester City supporters at every match. Piing are part of The Sports Playmaker & Stellwagen Ventures curent investment portfolio.


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