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More Pro Athletes Invest in Woods and McIlroy's Innovative Golf Project

Premier League footballer John Stones from Manchester City and Formula One driver Alex Albon have joined NBA star Steph Curry in investing in a cutting-edge golf franchise created by golf legends Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

Stones and Albon, through their investment in fund manager Apex, have become part of the investor group supporting the San Francisco team in the high-tech golf competition known as TGL, set to launch next year.

The Lisbon-based fund revealed on Thursday that it had acquired a stake in the San Francisco franchise, one of six teams in TGL that will compete in a domed arena located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Matches in this unique golf format will be played over 15 holes, featuring longer shots played off real grass or sand into a massive simulator. Short-game shots will be directed to a high-tech green complex that rotates on a turntable, creating varying contours. ESPN is set to broadcast the two-hour matches on a three-month schedule starting in 2025, concluding just before the Masters in April.

Tiger Woods, a player and co-owner, is associated with the Florida team Jupiter Links.

Originally scheduled to kick off this week, TGL faced a setback due to damage sustained two months ago to the domed arena, pushing the opening match by one year.

Stones and Albon, as part of Apex's statement, expressed their intention to participate in TGL events, including pro-am tournaments and charity events. Albon previously participated in a unique contest in November, teaming up with golfers in Las Vegas ahead of the F1 race there.

Albon shared his belief, stating, "I believe these innovative concepts will act as a gateway for a younger demographic audience to access golf as a sport."

The list of investors in TGL also includes tennis icons Serena and Venus Williams, backing the Los Angeles team, and Fenway Sports Group supporting the Boston franchise that Rory McIlroy will play for.


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