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Perth Glory Acquired by Melbourne Real Estate Mogul Brij

Melbourne's prominent real estate magnate, Robert Brij, has emerged as the victorious bidder in the competition to acquire Perth Glory, following the license's return by Tony Sage in July, due to persistent financial troubles.

Three months ago, the fate of Perth Glory took a new turn when Tony Sage, who had held ownership for 15 years, relinquished control, prompting the club's placement into receivership.

On Tuesday, the Australian Professional Leagues officially introduced the Primeland Group-led consortium as the new custodian of Glory. The consortium, spearheaded by Primeland Group's Chairman, Robert Brij, and John Nekic, will see Nekic taking on the role of Glory's chairman.

The Primeland Group boasts an extensive global presence with operations in Australia, Singapore, the UK, India, the UAE, and Europe. Their diverse portfolio encompasses real estate, hotels, business parks, luxury residential developments, private equity, as well as involvement in the film and media production industry. The financial details of Brij's acquisition of Glory's license have not been disclosed. The finalisation of the transaction is slated for early November.

Expressing his gratitude, Robert Brij remarked, "We are honored to have been entrusted with this significant responsibility, recognising that we are only the third ownership group to lead the club in 27 years. We firmly believe in the potential of football, the A-League, and, notably, Perth Glory."

"At its pinnacle, Glory represented the spirit of Perth and Western Australia, and we are eager to re-establish those connections, especially with the fans, and lead everyone on an exciting journey toward the club's promising future," Brij stated.

John Nekic added, "Perth Glory holds a profound place in the annals of Australian football, originating from the inspiration of the Perth Kangaroos and playing a pivotal role in the foundation of the A-League."

During Tony Sage's tenure, approximately $50 million was invested in Perth Glory, including about $14 million in losses incurred over the past three years.

Upon returning the license in July, Sage expressed deep regret for his inability to pay the club's staff on time during that month, explaining, "I've run out of funds. Everything I've currently got is reinvested in my business. I cannot draw it out of my business."

"I wanted the players to be paid on time, which they weren't this month, something I deeply regret. This is the first time in 18 years that they haven't been paid on time, but they have been paid now. When a situation like that arises, you have to take a step back and ensure the club's sustainability takes precedence."

Perth Glory's A-League Men's campaign is set to kick off at home against Newcastle on Sunday, while the women's team already initiated their season with a 2-0 victory against Western United last week.


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