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Reebok & Futureverse Launch AI-Powered Instagram for Personalised Digital Sneakers

Reebok has launched an innovative initiative allowing customers to design bespoke digital sneakers, blending artificial intelligence with personal memories. The process begins on Instagram, where users can message @ReebokImpact with a chosen photo. Futureverse, the technological partner, then employs generative AI to swiftly create custom Reebok designs, incorporating colours and details from the image onto one of three shoe styles.

Following this, users can further refine their creations using a digital editor. Once completed, the digital sneakers can be shared on Instagram for free or purchased for $7.99 to serve as assets for customising avatars on platforms like Fortnite and Roblox. Shara Senderoff, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Futureverse, highlighted Reebok's ethos of embracing life experiences through their shoes, noting that Instagram serves as a natural repository for such cherished moments.

Reebok Impact marks the initial phase of a broader partnership between Reebok and Futureverse, renowned for their work with FIFA and Muhammad Ali. While leveraging Web3 and blockchain technology, Futureverse prioritises a seamless user experience on Instagram without overtly promoting the underlying tech.

Senderoff emphasised Futureverse's commitment to developing digital products with broad applicability, positioning interoperability as key to the emerging metaverse. Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky hailed the collaboration as a pivotal step in their innovation journey, aiming to reshape digital fashion and provide consumers with immersive experiences.

The initiative, dubbed Reebok Impact, offers users a choice of Pump, Classic, or Club C models. Additionally, plans are underway to incentivise users with discounts on physical Reebok sneakers, as part of the brand's efforts to bridge the gap between physical and digital realms.

Senderoff underscored the importance of fostering user engagement and personalisation in the digital collectibles space, highlighting the collaborative venture's aim to empower users to truly make these digital assets their own.


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